Bring a Group

Since it began in 1987, Impact has been a mission point for churches of Christ from the Houston area and all over the country to come serve.  Many of the ministries happening through Impact wouldn’t exist without the sacrificial service and love of thousands of people helping to make them happen.  Some groups serve for a particular event or day while others stay in our building and spend an entire week getting involved in various aspects of Impact’s ministry and community, building meaningful, Christ-centered relationships.

There are numerous aspects of ministry that mission groups participate in at Impact, differing by when a group comes, their age-range, and how many people they have:

Make and serve a meal

Participate in regular off-site Bible studies and ministries

Work with our children, outdoorsmen, or Resource Center

Various work and special projects

Serve for 5 days with our Summer VBS program – CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Bring your group to serve & love others

Grow closer to God and build Christ-centered relationships

Long-term, mutual impact and encouragement