Homeless Ministry and Life House

One of the defining ministries of Impact Houston Church of Christ has always been its outreach to the homeless and marginalized. 

In addition to the food and clothes provided by the Impact Resource Center, Impact’s main building is open Monday through Thursday to provide a hot meal, shower and laundry facilities, a Bible study, and relief from the outdoors for those who need it.

Volunteers needed Mon-Thurs from 9am-1pm to help with homeless day services and Friday nights from 6-8pm for a special dinner and worship service.

Life House Recovery Center

How it Started and What it Means

In February of 2009 Impact began a residential recovery program, feeling the urgent call to do more to help the homeless and addicted it has been serving since its inception. The Life House Recovery Center began in a small two bedroom house across the street from our main campus, and is equipped to accommodate up to six men.

Harvey Davis, one of our elders, and Tim Sells, one of our ministers, lead the program, which includes Bible studies, 12-step meetings, working on campus, and group counseling.

Our first six month session saw one complete the program. He is still in recovery today. Since that first group of men, we have learned much about the process of offering desperate men the opportunity to recover. There have been heartbreaking failures and exhilarating successes. Several have been baptized. Some have remained faithful.

We have also remodeled one-half of an on-campus duplex to accommodate four more men. This facility is used for those have completed the program and are searching for permanent housing and employment. Finding employment continues to be a challenge, since many of these men have felonies on their record.

Addiction is a weapon that truly destroys lives.  We believe, however, that to this is Jesus Christ. He is at the center of our efforts and strategy to help these men defeat addiction, and we have seen that those who have truly embraced Jesus have a much greater chance of recovery.

Pray for Them

Pray for these men, and pray that Impact will have the resources it needs to continue to minister to them. Pray also for the resources and facilities to add a recovery program for women.