Impact en Español

Impact is a fully bilingual community. Our commitment to that concept dates back to 1987, when Impact’s Spanish worship services began. Over the years, that first small group has continued to grow, just like the rest of Impact. Throughout that time, and even more so today, Impact’s Spanish-speaking membership has been crucial to accomplishing our joint mission. We speak two languages, but we speak from one heart.

Our Spanish-speaking membership is a close and vibrant fellowship of believers who welcome visitors warmly and work diligently in their communities to introduce others to God’s word. We hold bilingual worship services on a regular basis to strengthen the bonds between our members. Additionally, Impact serves an important role in the Spanish-speaking faith community in Houston, hosting the annual Gulf Coast Bible Conference and many other events.

Impact has two dedicated Spanish-speaking ministers:  Alejandro Arango and Carlos Ingles. Half of our deacons are native Spanish-speakers, and one of our elders, Dimas Velasquez, was Impact’s first male Spanish-speaking convert in 1991. Additionally, several of our other team members are bilingual.

Worship and Class Times:

•Sunday Bible Class – 10:30am
•Sunday Worship – 11:30am
•Thursday Dinner and Bible Study – 6:30pm