Sunday Morning Bible Classes

Ladies Class – Main Building, Room 1

Our Ladies class is composed of ladies of various ages and backgrounds.  Many of the women volunteer to lead a study over topics they have selected. Often their focus is from the selected sermon series being presented to the congregations.  Those involved have grown closer to the Lord and to each other.

Auditorium Class – Main Building, Main Auditorium

The Auditorium class, taught by Tim Huffman, is designed for all ages and backgrounds and often provides a deeper study into our current sermon series. Beginners and scholars alike are welcome.

Young Adults Class – Ministry Building, Big Room North

Our Young Adults class, taught by Clint Boyd, is designed to discuss Scripture and topics that are particularly relevant to young adults and college-age individuals.  Great encouragement and insight can be found among our young men and women at Impact!

Overcomers’ Class – Main Building, Room 5

The Overcomers’ class, taught by Ron Sellers and Rich Sanker, is a special time for those who have overcome or are overcoming great difficulties in life.  Anyone is welcome to attend, but this is a particularly good class for those who have been through a lot in life or who would normally shy away from going to a Bible class.  “We are more than conquerors through Him who loved us” (Romans 8:37).

Adult Bible Class – Main Building Room 2

The Adult Bible Class in room 2, taught by Paul Woodward and Dennis Jaeger, is a discussion oriented in-depth Bible study.  We typically work our way through a book or letter from the Bible, discussing its implications and relevance for us today.  Much insight and encouragement for life’s journey is gained from the thoughts contributed by all who attend.

Estudio Bíblico en Español – Edificio Principal, Pequeño Auditorio

Este tiempo es dedicado a indagar ciertos temas principales en la Biblia. El objetivo es buscar respuestas bíblicas a grandes interrogantes, siempre con un énfasis en la que dice Dios en la Biblia. Generalmente tenemos series de varios temas, pero también algunos domingos son usados para temas libres, es decir escogemos un tema actual o alguna de las doctrinas bíblicas mas importantes. Si alguien desea participar con alguna pregunta o comentario estamos abiertos a escucharlos.

Estudio Bíblico para Damas – Edificio Principal, Número 6

Una vez al mes varias hermanas se turnan para traer un tema que tenga que ver con algo espiritual en la vida de las mujeres. Todas están invitadas a venir.