The Faith of Jose – a Faith that Overcomes Obstacles

by Carlos Ingles

Mark, in chapter two of his gospel, tells the story of a determined man who did everything possible to get closer to Jesus, including having his friends lower him through a roof. I recently had the opportunity to witness this story come to life before my very eyes through an incredible young man named José.

A group of Spanish-speaking Impact members have been going every Saturday morning to walk, pray, and meet people who God has been working with in order to share with them about the love of Jesus. One of these Saturdays, they met a man who has been helping two wheelchair-bound immigrants who recently arrived in the United States, one with muscular dystrophy (José) and another who severed his spine while working to cut down a tree. The Impact members joined with this servant-hearted individual to help these two men further with food and in other ways.

José came to church the following Sunday, riding on two separate Metro buses and navigating the streets in his motorized wheelchair. Daniel Ayoung and I have been visiting with him at his house and bringing items he needs from the Resource Center. After hearing the gospel, he decided to give himself to Christ in the waters of baptism. José came on his own the following Sunday, undeterred by two buses and navigating in his wheelchair, with the intention of being baptized. Then, with help of four young men from Impact, he was lowered into the water, just as the paralyzed man was lowered through the roof, professing his already evident faith in Jesus.

José, your faith and determination to come to Jesus encourages me! You have gained a wonderful family in Christ. We have gained a new brother. What an honor it is to call you brother!

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