Thank you!

By Claudia Martinez, Finance Clerk

Matching Funds donations and all the financial gifts Impact receives during the year are just so humbling. In my
position as finance clerk I get to see firsthand 1 Corinthians 12 in action – how we all work together as the body of
Christ, which is the foundation of church. One can’t happen without the other.
The partnership we have with our core recurring donors, our new donors, and other organizations that see all the
good God is doing here at Impact is powerful to witness. I enjoy getting notes from them that seek to encourage
us, that tell us they’re praying for all of us, and tell how they are ready to see what God has for the people he sends
to Impact. That when those people walk through the doors they will be loved and helped, and most importantly
that they will be told about Jesus.
The IMPACT that every gift has on the work is amazing. Being prudent of how all our funds are used is a top
priority for the Finance Team and the Elders. What keeps me humble is the ten dollars that someone on their
retirement or fixed income sends, or the change that a homeless person drops into the basket on Sunday. I get to
also see the ministries in action, like the homeless ministry washers and dryers going nonstop Monday- Thursday,
the groups of children picked up and brought to bible studies on campus, and the long lines of families here to
receive food and bible lessons. To God be all the Glory

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