My Experience as a Mentor

by ER Hamilton, Impact Mentor

The 2022-23 school year represents the 10th year of Impact Mentoring, a milestone we are very proud of. ER Hamilton is one of two mentors that has been with us the entire length of the program, and has mentored three different boys during that time. ER graciously agreed to write us a note. As a lifelong Christian, I was taught the importance of being involved in church to help build up God’s Kingdom here on Earth. So, when Tyler and Caroline visited my home church ten years ago to discuss the launch of Impact’s mentoring program, the idea immediately touched my spirit.

Growing up, my experience with mentorship focused on general interests or career ideas, but Impact’s program is rooted in the name of Jesus and has provided the opportunity for a far more rewarding experience. I believe there is no time better spent than with a young person, not only reading the scriptures, but in discussing how Christians can be in the world, how we are called to be separate and apart from worldly things, and how we should seek ways in school and at home to be a “light” or positive influence. Impact has remained intentional about matching mentors with young people, and witnessing the growth and initiative over time has been spiritually fulfilling. The one-on-one nature of the program and lesson plans help guide the God-centered conversations. Throughout my time in the program, the most humbling moments have been when I finally received a “yes” to my young person leading a prayer or reading the scriptures out loud. I am thankful to God I am able to witness that increase in confidence.

The program has also strengthened my faith and has truly become one of the most rewarding spiritual experiences of my life. Initially, my thoughts centered on what I might contribute to the ministry. But, I realize the real point of the partnership is simply to glorify God and to remain a good steward of my time, knowledge, and experiences by supporting a young person whose spiritual journey is just starting. It did not take long for the program to evolve from a “Monday activity” to one of the most important extensions of my faith and commitment to trying to do what I believe God expects. I pray for the future of the program and look forward to many more years as a servant.

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