Staying Power

New trends in ministry rise and fade.  Even good organizations can come and go.  But Impact’s work in urban Houston has stood the test of time - in fact we’ve now been doing it 35 years!  And that experience and veteran leadership sees through temporary fads and overcomes obstacles, like the recent pandemic.  Impact’s staying power, through the grace of God, continues to carry us through into exciting new opportunities and results! 

2022 had some impressive and encouraging numbers - such as the 75 Middle School and high school students that get together on Tuesday nights.  Or the 4000 different families that were served through our Resource Center this year, which represents 20,000 people!  Or the 31 people that have been baptized, or the 54 children who memorized their VBS memory verse.   But there are also powerful stories of individuals being reached and transformed!

Don Hause is a veteran who battled loneliness and regularly came to get food at our Resource Center.  After connecting over time with several of our volunteers he began volunteering himself, eventually placed membership at Impact, and now brings his roommate to volunteer and attend church with him.  July Castillo is a hard-working Honduran immigrant who also became familiar with Impact through volunteering at the Resource Center. Her daughters began attending our children’s programs and she then began attending worship services and even interned with the Impact VBS program this summer.   She is currently working as a teacher’s aide and is receiving help from Arms of Hope to go to school to become a teacher herself.  Julisa Avila grew up coming to Impact with her family, was a VBS intern in high school and then later a VBS director.  She became the first person in her family to finish high school, then went on to get a nursing degree, and this year started work full time as an RN at a local hospital.

One of the most important reasons for this 35-year staying power has been the generosity of people like you!  It is only through your support that we are able to resolutely persevere through the ups and downs of serving the hurting in Houston.  We are once again in a time where that support is needed and timely - our annual Double Our Impact Matching Funds Campaign.  From now until the end of the year any amount you give is matched dollar-for-dollar and helps to fund Impact’s ministries in the coming year. All year-end gifts are eligible; to participate send a check with “matching funds” in the memo line, give online by clicking the GIVE NOW button below and selecting "Matching Funds" under the "Fund" menu, or call the Impact office.


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