Something Unexpected

by Kirk and Gill Cutrer

On a Wednesday evening, my wife Gill and I hurry to finish work and fight rush hour traffic to make our way down from the Woodlands to Impact. There is such a buzz of activity with the Resource Center in full swing, but that’s not the reason we are there. In a small corner of Impact there is something rather warm and wonderful going on that you may not know about – a bible study. Well that’s just what you would expect at Impact right, no big deal? But this is so much more than just a bible study.

It’s an invitation for our church members and local outdoorsmen and women, to gather together and be fed both physically and spiritually. It is an opportunity for Christ seekers from two very different corners of the world to come together to get to know more about Jesus and share. As we sit with one another and share a meal, we also share our experiences, our struggles, our fears and our challenges, our sorrows and our joys. We share our faith. Our discussion about scripture is always very lively with lots of questions, debate and comments as we all strive to grow closer to our Savior and each other. I have had the pleasure of leading the class on occasion and have developed a quiet appreciation for the depth of knowledge of our Lord that our homeless friends have.

Through this sharing, barriers are broken down, relationships are built, stereotypes are challenged, hearts are changed, love is nurtured and we see God at work. It takes effort on everyone’s part and for Gill and I it has become one of the most encouraging and uplifting moments in our week. If you’re wondering how to get that boost of fellowship between Sundays, you might think about dropping by. I guarantee you will be blessed. Our thanks go to Tim who brings everyone together and shares God’s word and of course to our Lord and Savior for the fruit.

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