New Efforts

by Patrick Lemmons

We are pleased that the Impact Resource Center has finally returned to the pre-pandemic routine of our families coming inside our building to register and be connected to various other services and opportunities in addition to food. This was planned for back in the fall but was delayed due to Delta, and then delayed again in January due to Omicron. We are now serving many more families than before the pandemic, and all those who come to receive food now have the opportunity of a short time of prayer and encouragement, the opportunity to make an appointment with a social worker for any ongoing problems, access to various health agencies, and refreshments.

While there were many logistical hurdles to overcome, especially parking and the elderly flow of all these people from place to place, this has been accomplished with few problems and with good attitudes among our families. Especially encouraging has been how God has brought the 20+ people together that are necessary to pull this off, including two Impact children’s ministers, the men of the Life House, three Impact office staff members, four Impact elders, and countless volunteers.

We have already seen fruit from this in just a few weeks, with dozens of people being connected with resources they need through the Arms of Hope social workers and Legacy Community Health. They have also enjoyed reconnecting with God through the devotional time, in addition to the spiritual and emotional benefits of reconnecting face-to-face with our friendly and loving volunteers.

Please be in prayer that God will continue to use these efforts in a powerful way

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