by Lluvia Delgado

Growing up here at Impact you never realize as a child how much those who teach, love and encourage you start to become your second family. Your church becomes your second home. You come to church at a young age through VBS and continue to come all through middle school and high school. You keep coming because you know that these crazy people love you. They are not your blood family but deep down you know that they care for you deeply as if they were. They are so crazy that they show up at the capital in Austin, TX to see you sing with your middle school choir. Yes, they embarrass you, yet you love them with all your heart.

It has been an honor to be in Julissa’s life from a young age. Seeing her grow into a beautiful young educated woman has been absolutely amazing. It hasn’t all been fun and jokes, and together we have gone through some rough moments, but being there for each other has definitely made us stronger. Julissa might feel as if it only has been me helping her but honestly, she has loved and encouraged me just as much. I have been there for her, and she has been there for me. We are family. We both have grown closer year after year. Our conversations have changed, they have matured. We have laughed hysterical laughs, cried harder than our eyes balls could handle and laugh-cry too. It has been a great blessing to be in each other’s lives. Impact has facilitated this great friendship. It has made it grow strong throughout the years. Julissa has had many people from Impact in her life pouring into her and her family. She has close relationships with many people who love her and want to see her succeed. People who have been there in different stages of her life.

Julissa is no longer my “baby Juli”, now she is a beautiful, strong and God-fearing young woman who has just graduated and is now a registered nurse. What I love the most about my sweet Juli is that she keeps coming back to her second home year after year. Now as a nurse she continues to give back to the place that she was once a little girl at. She teaches the 1st grade class on Thursday nights here at Impact and she always has the coolest crafts for her kids. Julissa has allowed God to be the author of her story and what a beautiful story. I am so proud of Julissa, and I am so excited to see where God continues to take her. I am 100% sure that Julissa will be the best nurse anyone could ever have. Her sweet smile will always make everything feel better. Julissa your Impact family is so proud of you and we love you so much!

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