Impact Mentoring Update

by Tyler Lemmons

I want to share a quick story about one of our mentoring pairs. Lynn and Malayah began their mentoring journey shortly after Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017. Both Lynn and Malayah suffered losses during the storm. Lynn had extreme water damage to her home and Malayah and her family were forced to find a new home. This similar experience bonded them both to each other and began a years long friendship. Malayah was ten years old when she joined Impact mentoring, she is now fifteen years old. As Malayah navigates high school, Lynn has been able to help her think through her goals both in the future and present.

As they continue to have conversations, Malayah has discovered she has an interest in becoming a lawyer. This fall they prepared a list of questions together to conduct interviews with a couple lawyers they had connections with. Lynn and Malayah sit down with the lawyer and Malayah has the chance to ask her prepared questions. What a unique and valuable opportunity this has been for Malayah! No matter what her career path will be one day, she will remember this experience. I am proud and excited when I hear of these types of things happening within our mentoring program. God moves in all things and I am happy this program provides opportunities like this for growth and community. Impact Mentoring Update by Tyler LemmonsWe also need you to make a difference in a child’s life by mentoring them for one hour a week! Commitment is for one school year at a time and mentoring happens on Monday nights or Sundays at 1pm after church. For more info or to sign up contact Caroline Morales or Tyler at

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