Coming Together

by Leslie Salinas, Marilyn Flores, and Patrick Lemmons

Sherri Taulton is 62 and her husband James is 72, and in the past year they became legal guardians of their 13-year-old granddaughter when their adult daughter passed away. Unfortunately, that was only the beginning of what has been a very difficult year. Sherri was already battling cancer, and she and James struggled financially due to being saddled with the funeral expenses. They were granted two months of rent relief from the Harris County Rental Assistance Program, but when their granddaughter started receiving survival social security benefits the county retracted the assistance and they were in danger of being evicted.

Help came, however, when the Taulton’s granddaughter Deondra, who is very involved with the Impact Middle School programs, told one of her ministers and they told Arms of Hope of the situation. Arms of Hope and Impact were able to come together and assist the family through the muddled situation. The ministers at Impact began delivering the family weekly food from the Resource Center, and the family was also assisted with their rent. They have a long journey ahead, but we are so grateful that Deondra felt comfortable enough to tell us of her family’s situation, and that we’ve been able to provide ongoing support for the family.

This is a great example of what we can do when we come together, and let’s continue to come together in prayer for the Taultons!

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