Ambassadors of Compassion

by Dennis Jaeger

Impact was excited to once again host groups of teenagers from two Cy-Fair high schools through Ambassadors of Compassion, a mentor-based program designed to teach students leadership skills and integrity during their school day. They have implemented a day to take what they’ve been learning and put it into practice by serving their community – a day that Impact is honored to be a part of.

This year, the students divided their time between cooking for our outdoorsmen, sorting clothes, packing bags in the resource center, hearing about the struggles of addiction from someone who has been there, and learning more about the difficulties of living on the street. They then get to sit down and eat with our outdoorsmen and everyone learns a little about each other as a meal is shared.I’m always amazed by the feedback they give me when the day is finished, the things they learn, and how they allow what they’re experiencing to soften their hearts.

I’m always impressed by our outdoorsmen who give such valuable life lessons to young people trying to figure out how to do life. I’m always struck by the stories of the students and adult mentors who cross our doors to serve but are themselves in the middle of great storms.If these young people are a sampling of the next generation, we can rest assured that there is tremendous hope for our tumultuous world as God continues to work in and through soft hearted, Jesus-following people.

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