8th Grade Small Group

by Geremy Varner and Sydney Reynolds

About 4 years ago we started a tradition that has become one of my favorites. Because we work with the middle schoolers, the 8th graders are our oldest kids in our group. We’ve decided it is really important to spend one night a week with just the 8th graders to encourage and grow the leaders of the group. Every year with our 8th graders we watch the amazing TV series called The Chosen, which follows the life of Jesus, and we spend time going through the book of Acts. This has been an awesome way to learn how to become better followers of Jesus and in return be better leaders within the youth group.

On a recent Wednesday the kids had the day off of school so we took the opportunity to meet in the morning rather than the evening as usual. We studied the story of Jesus washing the disciples feet and learned what it looked like to serve. Following our bible study time as a group we wrote encouraging notes and made snack bags to pass out at Independence Hall, an assisted living facility. I was so proud of the 8th graders’ willingness and excitement on their day off to serve, pray and encourage the elderly people. Please keep this awesome group of 8th graders in your prayers as they continue to grow into the amazing leaders God wants them to be.

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