Trek 2022

by Devin and Madison Dixon

On July 21st we loaded up 2 vans with luggage, supplies, 5 adults, and 12 high school students and headed to beautiful Colorado – a place most of our kids had never been before.  When we got there our guide requested that each of us pick up a rock during the week to carry with us and leave on the summit. We loaded our packs with food, clothes, and all the camping gear we would need for 5 nights on the mountain. Then we began the trek.

Throughout the week we experienced times of desperation – rain, mosquitoes, sickness, the pain that comes with climbing, and lack of running water and the comforts of home. However, the inspiration we experienced was far greater. We saw kids encourage each other constantly to keep going- even at 3 am when we were up early in order to be able to have time to make it to the summit. We saw kids pick up supplies to carry in order to take away a burden from another and really serve each other. We saw the beauty of God’s creation all around us. When we were 14,000 feet above the clouds watching the clear starry sky fade into the most magnificent sunrise, we knew the challenge was worth it. 

When we got back to base camp, we had the opportunity to share with each other what rock we had left on the mountain. For some, it was past hurts or anger with family members and embracing forgiveness, for others it was realizing the importance of spending time church family.  We had an amazing group of kids and were able to summit the tallest mountain in Colorado, but the greatest highlight was the lessons learned from the experience seeing how God moved in our hearts.  

And afterwards we had 2 baptisms!  April had been talking about baptism for about a year. We studied together a while back and she decided she wasn’t ready, but recently became more serious about changes in her life.  She decided to give her life to Christ Thursday afternoon in Twin Lakes, Colorado! Leo was also baptized the same day a few minutes after April. He has been coming to Impact more often over the past few months and has been very involved this summer. He decided it was time to commit his life to Christ for good and never turn back! He has such a servant heart, and we can’t wait to see how God uses both of these young people in their families as well as the rest of the world. What an amazing God, praise Him for giving us this opportunity! We are so thankful for the people who gave and sacrificed to make Trek 2022 possible.

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