People of Hope

As 2021 draws to a close we are overflowing with awe and gratitude. This year has brought unthinkable grief and challenges, but it has also given so many reasons for hope, both in what God is doing in the world and what He is doing here at Impact.

One of those reasons for hope is the burgeoning next generation of servant leaders among our Impact family. God has raised up a formidable group of young men and women to carry on His great commission to reach the lost and hurting of Houston. This includes nine people – nine! – who found a greater relationship with Christ here at Impact and now serve on our staff on a full-time basis. There is Nate, who went from a life of homelessness and alcoholism to now leading our Life House recovery program. There is Claudia, who was reached as a child through Impact’s youth program and now serves as our finance clerk, as well as her sister Perla, who now cooks the meals for our various ministries. This includes Dennis, who came as a visitor with his Tulsa youth group in 1997 to serve in VBS and is now a minister, and Eric, who was reached as a teen and now manages our transportation and warehouse. There is Alberto and Denisse, who we met at our annual Garage Sale and who now work at our Resource Center and as Impact’s receptionist, respectively. It also includes Lluvia and Geremy, who were also reached as children and who now serve and lead Impact’s youth and children as they were once served and led.

Those of us who have served at Impact for many years see the rise of these leaders as a tremendous milestone and a cause for great hope. As always, all praise and honor go to our heavenly Father, the God of all hope! It also makes us extraordinarily grateful for faithful friends and supporters such as yourself. Raising up leaders takes time and resources, and we would not have so many wonderful servants without your ongoing support.

We are once again in a time where that support is needed and timely – our annual Double Our Impact Matching Funds Campaign. From now until the end of the year any amount you give is matched dollar-for-dollar and helps to fund Impact’s ministries in the coming year. All year-end gifts are eligible; to participate send a check with “matching funds” in the memo line, go to, or call the Impact office.

Thank you, and may the God of all Hope continue to work powerfully among us!
-The Impact Elders


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