More People of Hope

by Paul Woodward, Impact Elder

Dear Friends,

I recently had the privilege of sitting by Lily during a youth gathering at Impact. I’ve known her since I taught her summer reading class nine years ago, and I was struck by the joy radiating from her face as she participated in games and worship. I asked why she chose to be there instead of all the other places she could have been. A tear rolled down her cheek as she responded, “This is a safe place. It gives me peace and hope, and, when I leave, I feel like I can face all my other problems.”Impact’s gatherings run opposite to the tumultuous world that surrounds our children. They are a beautiful mosaic of races, personalities, shapes, and sizes; a large group of rambunctious, energetic, unruly children having an absolute blast who, when it’s time to get serious, do so. Impact is a refuge; a place that, in the name of Jesus, builds children back up after the world has torn them down. Children, and so many others, flock to Impact for countless reasons:

The world is hard to navigate as an adult. How can a child manage to survive it without a safe place that brings relief and hope? God has allowed Impact to be that safe place for 33 years. Lonely, hurting, wounded, desperate people crave it, and are absolutely lost without it. Impact has an ironclad non-negotiable commitment to uplifting all people, particularly children. Your support, and the grace of God, are unquestionably vital for the continuation of that commitment.

From now until the end of the year, every amount you give is matched dollar-for-dollar by a few generous individuals and helps to fund Impact’s ministries in the coming year. All year-end gifts are eligible; to participate send a check with “matching funds” in the memo line, go to, or call the Impact office.


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