Impact Volunteer Spotlight: Deisy Enriquez

by Tim Huffman

One of the most consistent and effective ways that we are able to touch the lives of thousands of people every year is through the Resource Center food distribution. The staff handles picking up and sorting the groceries, but twice a week for several hours many volunteers are needed to register the families and give out the food. This isn’t easy work, but anyone with a willing heart can join in and make a difference.

One of those faithful volunteers is Deisy Enriquez. Deisy studied journalism at the University of Houston and currently works as an Assignment Editor for one of our local television stations. Though Deisy grew up going to church, like so many, the hassles and stress of life had drawn her away. Through a series of “divine coincidences” she was informed about the work at Impact. Later, when she came to realize that she had been isolating herself, she decided it was time to find a way to serve and give back and chose the Impact Resource Center.

She’s now a consistent and valued part of the team that serves on Tuesday mornings. She’s there early and stays until every last thing is done. Deisy is shy and reserved by nature, so taking the step to get “outside her box” wasn’t easy. When we spoke, I asked what kept her serving every week and spending so much time. She had several reasons, among which were:

1. Helping those less fortunate in the neighborhood

2. The feeling of satisfaction that comes from pushing herself through her shyness for a good days work.

3. The uplifting and wonderful people she works with – some of whom have become very dear friends.

4. The joy that comes from being a part of something much bigger than herself.

We are so grateful to have Deisy as a volunteer, and are even more grateful that Deisy has become a faithful Impact member and part of our church family! Her humble and servant heart is an inspiration and example for all of us. The Resource Center is always in need of volunteers on Tuesday mornings from 8:00 – 10:30 am and Wednesday evenings from 5:30 – 8:00 pm. Contact Chris Lemmons for further information: 405.245.8177.

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