How Can we Help?

by Dennis Jaeger

“How can we help?” This question has spurred the growth of Impact’s relationship with Roosevelt Elementary School, which is just around the corner from Impact Lindale. It’s a question that has been asked unapologetically in the name of Jesus, without any agenda beyond the desire to support teachers, children, and our Lindale community.

Thanks to so many of Impact’s supporters, we’ve had the opportunity to help with pre-k classes, support new teachers with items for their classrooms, buy ties for boys to learn how to tie a tie, provide school supplies for struggling families, prepare lunches for teachers and staff, have a number of students attend different events like a Trunk-or-Treat at Impact Lindale, provide Thanksgiving dinners for struggling families, minister to hurting parents and those who have lost loved ones, and even make connections for single-parent families with our partners, the Arms of Hope Family Outreach Center at Impact.

All of this has led to several amazing opportunities. I’ve been asked to be part of a school committee that discusses and gives input concerning different issues the school encounters, as well as a committee that provides wrap-around services for children and families encountering different life-struggles. I was also honored this summer to be on the interview team for Roosevelt’s new principal and to have a vote in choosing three candidates who would then move on to the district super-intendent for further interviews. What a wonderful opportunity to establish Impact as a place that desires to support Roosevelt in the mind of the new principal and to get to know him before he even started!

I’m excited about the burgeoning relationship with Roosevelt Elementary and the opportunities being created to speak Jesus into the lives of so many children, teachers, and families. Thank you for your prayers and support, and for the ways you bless your own communities in the name of Jesus!

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