The Big Picture is in Motion

by Paul Bailey

{Paul Bailey is a member of one of the first families Impact reached in its early years and grew up attending Impact along with his siblings and cousins. During his high school years, he participated in Impact’s annual mission trips to the Contact Church in Tulsa, which shares strong ties with Impact and a similar mission. He formed strong relationships there, and after graduating high school, moved to Tulsa to work with Contact’s youth. He eventually returned to Houston, where he now works at a school as a behavior specialist and interns at Impact in the summer. As an intern this summer, he helped lead Impact’s high school students on the mission trip to Contact and had this to share:}

It was such a blessing to see Impact kids pour so much love into the kids at Contact Church in Tulsa, Ok. Mission trip has changed my life for the better many years ago and I’m pretty sure it changed other lives as well. Like others that went on mission trip; I attended VBS as a kid. I had great big buddies that I looked up to.

One of the many things that I love about the ministry at Impact is the growth in the youth. Not only seeds are planted here – they are also watered through the programs here and the countless individuals who pour love to everyone. Once little buddies; now big buddies. It was such a blessing to see them from being served to being servants. God love was shown through the smiles, laughter, and crying. Let’s continue to plant more seeds and water them daily! Jesus put us first when he died for us, today we are last because We chose to follow him and put others before us.

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