Reaching Generations

by Tim Huffman
Do you remember the fourth grade? One memory stands out for Claudia – finding her way to the Impact church. By the time she noticed the Impact vans coming by her apartments, her friends began inviting her to join them. At Impact, she remembers finding a safe place – a place filled with love. It hadn’t always been that way. After she and her siblings found themselves with no parents in Minnesota, her grandmother came and moved them here to Houston. Upon arriving at the age of 9, she remembers being homeless and staying at the Star of Hope Mission. Later they would relocate to the Clayton Homes Apartments. Maybe this is why her memory of a safe and loving place stands out so clearly.
From the fourth grade on, Claudia became a fixture in the children’s and youth ministry. She remembers all the fun activities and her class teachers like Emily Jones, who taught the fourth-grade girls week in and out. She taught them not only to respect and value the word of God, but also how to live like Jesus. She remembers the dedication of the staff who would plan both spiritual and fun events, as well as their families being included. Paul Woodward was the Youth Minister/ Children’s Minister (and anything else that needed to be done) back in the day, and Claudia was grateful to have a consistent, loving, father figure in her life.
Fast forward to today. Claudia has been working at Impact for the last 12 years and currently serves as the finance clerk. She has two beautiful daughters of her own and they now attend the same Impact Youth program that Claudia grew up being a part of. Because of her walk she’s influenced many to find faith in Christ, including her sister and nephew. Recently her oldest daughter, Alexia, was baptized into Christ, and we praise God for that! Only by the power of the gospel, the transforming power of Jesus Christ, can a generation truly be changed.
So here is our challenge: To what efforts will you go to change a generation? There are many ways to affect change, what will be your way? For more info on volunteering with adults and children email Dennis at

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