One More VBS Story

by Caroline Morales

At Impact, we are always challenging our kids to learn memory verses – this summer at VBS, our kids were challenged to learn 5 verses and the first to memorize all of them received a gigantic chocolate bar to share with their class (3 kids all said it on the same morning!). In Children’s Worship, I have challenged the kids to learn Colossians 3:2 and if they memorize it they will get a prize from our bucket. Sometimes our kids say the words over and over, but never really understand what words mean or why they are saying them other than to receive some candy. But God always uses these words to do big things!

Three brothers who attended VBS this summer were practicing their memory verses at home. The verse for that week was Galatians 6:2, “Carry each other burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ”. Their mom wanted to check to see if they really knew what they were saying and asked them to explain what a “burden” is. The 3rd grade boy (who is very chatty!) went on to explain that we have to help people when things are hard for them. God had truly used him to shine light to his family.

Another first grade girl went home after being asked to memorize a verse and immediately told her mom she needed a Bible. Her mom, who attended VBS when she was a child, went right away and let her daughter pick out a new Bible for herself. The little girl now brings her Bible with her everywhere she goes. To her, the Bible is not words to memorize to get a piece of candy, but a prized possession. May we all have the hearts of these children – to be so excited to read and learn more about God’s word.

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