More Fruits of the Partnership

by Leslie Salinas, Marilyn Flores, and Patrick Lemmons

The partnership between Impact and Arms of Hope continues to affect lives in many ways; here are a few short but powerful stories to illustrate that.

Tameka Miller is a single mother of four young children and has experienced an abundance of hardship. As a domestic abuse survivor, she found herself running from her abuser to Texas and homeless. She received an apartment in Pasadena through Star of Hope and, in need of a refrigerator, contacted us 2 days after moving in. Tameka had only been given a cooler when she moved in, in which she was keeping her children’s milk and food. Without transportation or knowing the Houston area, she felt helpless. Through our partnership with Impact, we were able to furnish her home. Our intern, Rachel, handled the case management and linked her to our wrap-around services, including help with stress management. Through Arms of Hope, she now has food stamps, clothing, free internet so her children can continue virtual learning and is able to stream Sunday services. Our next goals are to get her family to church and find her suitable employment. Her willingness to succeed despite the many barriers she has faced is inspiring. Let’s continue to pray for Tameka’s future and spiritual growth.

Scott was referred to us by a partner organization and was in need of a plan to continue his sobriety. He is currently 3 months sober and we celebrate his accomplishment. We devised a plan together that will encourage spiritual growth, employment, and counseling. Since beginning the program, Scott has been able to focus and find employment. He was referred to an Impact minister for prayer, and is excited to build his testimony. We are encouraged by his desire to keep moving forward in life and his love for Jesus Christ. We pray for his journey and specifically for his sobriety.

Luna is twenty years old and a single mother of 3 children. One of her children is special needs. During the winter storm in Texas she was forced to leave her home, and when she returned she found it broken into and robbed. She is now living with her mother. A partner organization reached out to the Impact Resource Center, and Patrick coordinated the referral and arranged for the family to receive a crib for her special needs daughter. The family received diapers, clothing, and access to the food pantry, along with spiritual counseling to help her overcome depression. Nonetheless, she is striving to provide her children with a better future.

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