From a Former Intern

Tia Hayes is a young woman who interned with our middle school students a few summers ago, and she recently posted something we thought would bless our Impact family as well:

My Impact middle school internship taught me a lot! Arguably the turning point in my life. I spent spring breaks there, I spent my summers there, I even spent Christmas breaks there. I think to everyone looking in on my mission trips it seemed like I was making an “impact” on the community when in fact they opened my world to something I never had to experience first hand.

I truly enjoyed that chapter of learning. And it was 100% learning, being humbled, and being made aware of my defaulted sense of entitlement and privilege as a young adult who never had to deal with certain things.

Impact taught me that just because someone is going through a hard time it doesn’t mean they are incapable of receiving love and human decency. It also taught me that if you shower someone with love and care they can see their potential and go on to do great things; I see it everyday with the kids I still keep up with.

I strongly remember the quick switch us interns were tasked with every Sunday! Every Sunday after service we removed the service setup and replaced it with tables and chairs. Then got in line, fixed plates, and served everyone in the community. EVERYONE! You didn’t come to church today but you’re hungry? Come in, have a seat, let me go get you a plate, and would you mind if I sat with you and enjoyed this meal in fellowship?

During that time a homeless person in the community shared with me James 2:1-13. It blessed me then and it has continued to bless me. Go read it this week and it will do the same for you!

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