Campus Changes

by Patrick Lemmons

It’s an exciting time at Impact! We’re slowly but surely returning to normal in our long-time ministries, with the summer youth and children’s ministries being planned, bible studies at assisted living facilities being restarted, outreach at Lindale renewing, homeless ministry expanding, and more. We also want to update you on another exciting development.

We recently had the opportunity to reconfigure a few of our buildings on our main campus. Small Steps Nurturing Center, a Christian pre-K serving at-risk children which began out of Impact in the early nineties, has three locations. One of those is their original building, which is on the same block as our main building, and then they have other locations in NE and SE Houston. They decided to sell their original building in order to expand on the northeast campus, and we jumped at the opportunity to acquire a well-maintained building that is in the heart of our existing campus, has a playground, much-needed parking, and is well-designed to house much of our large children’s ministry.

Small Steps generously agreed to sell it to us for a friendly price, but we had to sell two of our properties to be able to afford it. One was the small house that has held our Life House recovery program. Fortunately another and larger house on our campus has become available, so that ministry will simply be able to move into it. The other property that we sold is the small lot that had a trailer on it that most recently housed our clothing ministry, and we feel confident that we will be able to continue that ministry using other existing space.

As supporters and partners of everything God is doing at Impact, we felt it was important that you be informed, even about mundane things like buildings being bought and sold! We continue to be so grateful for your support and prayers, and may God bless and use our efforts in new and exciting ways!

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