Arms of Hope Update

by Leslie Salinas, Marilyn Flores, and Patrick Lemmons

The partnership between Impact and Arms of Hope continues to affect lives in many ways; here are a few short but powerful stories to illustrate that.

Ms. Evelyn Brito is the mother of two beautiful daughters (Shalom and Sydelle) and is married to Mr. Tennyson Brito. They came from India seeking a better life for their daughters but it has been very challenging for them as they do not have family or friends here. Her husband is currently working at a gas station but his hours have been reduced, and she has searched for employment but has had no luck.

We were able to give her cleaning supplies, toiletries, personal hygiene items, clothes and shoes from our Resource Center, and she was given information to other community resources that are close to her neighborhood. Budgeting was discussed with the Brito family, although they do very well at managing their funds. During our appointment Ms. Brito also asked if she could have a Bible because hers was torn and very old. Thanks to Impact we had several copies and she was able to take extra Bibles to share with some of her neighbors. The items that they received will help them stay on track and continue to save for emergencies, and Arms of Hope will continue to work with their family.

Wendi has been through a lot in the last year. She is on disability and along with her daughter, a senior in High School, was homeless. They were eventually assisted with housing through a local organization, and Wendi was referred to us after she was moved into her apartment. Ms. Wendi has very limited resources and was in need of all the furnishings for her apartment. The Impact Church and Arms of Hope partnership was able to furnish Wendi’s apartment by providing sofas, beds, and kitchen items. We have also developed a plan to assist them in their goals while also allowing Wendi’s daughter to enjoy her senior year.

Ms. Rivera is a single mom of 3, and is very dedicated to her family. She is on unemployment and making the best to budget, but being on a fixed income is not always easy to manage. She is looking for employment but is limited in her search because her children are attending school virtually, and leaving them unattended is not an option. Ms. Rivera has such a kind heart and is always looking for ways to uplift those around her. She is now working with Arms of Hope to meet her goals.

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