A Team Effort

by Marilyn Flores

Independence Hall is a facility for low-income people who are also disabled, and Impact has had a Bible Study outreach there for over 30 years. Arms of Hope has been working there since 2018. During the pandemic, the facility was not allowing visitors to protect their residents, but by mid-April of this year all of their residents were vaccinated and their doors were open once again. Impact resumed their weekly bible study, and Arms of Hope was able to return to help and offer services to their amazing residents.

Ms. Elizabeth, a resident who has been receiving services since 2018, was our first client to return to our program and receive services. During 2020, she had become very ill and lost weight drastically. We were able to discuss her needs and prepare a plan of action. Ms. Elizabeth was in need of emergency assistance. She no longer fit any of her old clothes and it was becoming hard for her to walk and wear her clothes because they fit her big. AOH reached out to Ms.Tina Stivers and Mr. Keith, volunteers at the Impact Church of Christ warehouse, and we are extremely grateful for their help. They were able to put together a tub full of clothes for Ms. Elizabeth by the very next day.

We are definitely blessed to have an amazing partnership with Impact. They work with us to serve our clients in every way possible. It was definitely nice to be back at Independence Hall serving our clients. We look forward to continue to provide services to the entire facility. Let’s continue to keep all of the residents of Independence Hall in our prayers. Several were emotionally impacted by the pandemic and being alone for too long has really taken a toll on them.

We pray that we may continue to serve this community while shining our light for Jesus!

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