A Hero Without a Cape

by Carlos Ingles

For those who do not know, our dear sister Margarita, who is 83 years old, was recently assaulted at gunpoint. The person threw her to the ground, she hit her face hard and she is still very sore. Last week when we visited her, her right eye was practically closed due to swelling, and her facial bones were fractured. The heartless man stole her wallet and her cell phone, and although he shot into the air, thank God she wasn’t hurt any further.

Our dear sister Margarita is a great example for all of us because of her fidelity to the Lord. In fact she was helping in the garage sale a few weeks ago. And she’s been filling food bags for several years and helping out at Impact’s Resource Center. For me she is a true role model. For example, when my wife Cindy underwent surgery after having our little daughter, she volunteered to come to the house to visit us. She not only came to visit, though, but also to clean the home. Because of her advanced age, I didn’t want to accept her offer, but she told me: “I don’t have money to bring you something, so let me do it. It’s my way of serving the Lord.” For several years she has been my personal friend. I see her as my grandmother in our church. She is a great evangelist, always thinking about how to bring more souls for Christ. In fact, since getting her own car she has brought several visitors to the church.

Our sister Margarita is also a hero to me because this week when we were visiting her and talking with her, she never referred to her assailant in derogatory terms, nor did she want revenge from God. Given the level of violence and her age, anyone would think the most logical thing would be for her to be indignant and ask God to rebuke that man. However, it was the opposite. She told us to pray for him, which we did at that very moment. Heroes are not preachers who speak beautifully or who attract the most attention. True heroes are like her who, having every reason to ask God for vengeance, instead ask for mercy. This sister is a great reminder to all of us that when one desires to serve the Lord there are no limits, despite pandemics, illness and violence.

Last Thursday, the church went out to the street in front of the apartments where Margarita lives and where she was assaulted and peacefully demonstrated against the violence she suffered. This gave the neighborhood an example of solidarity and prayer and even in answer to violence. Last Sunday morning she wanted to be with us and I gladly went to pick her up. What an honor to have Sister Margarita among us. Praise God!

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