Reflecting on 2020

by Tim Sells

2020  forced  us  to  do  ministry  in  different  ways,  perhaps  ways  which  we  would  have  never  attempted otherwise.  If  not  for  2020  I  would  not  have  developed  a  love  for  and  deep  appreciation  for  one  of our homeless friends, Terry. With the usual hustle and bustle the development of true friendships with those we serve can be difficult, but 2020 was different. With the onset of the lockdown our ministry to the homeless was halted for months and most of them did not come around much. However, Terry was never far from Impact. Terry considers Impact his home and is very protective of the Impact staff and campus. I was surprised to find that he is very good with car detailing, so after seeing his work I asked him to wash my car. I was very delighted with the pride with which Terry went about his work. Since that first wash, I have a greater level of respect for him as a man and he has unknowingly challenged me to be a better minister to the homeless and go about my work with pride, dignity and humility.

A  major  adjustment  was  also  called  for  in  our  Life  House  recovery  program.  Refugio Martinez graduated from our recovery program at the height of the shut down. As a result he was unable to leave the campus to search for work. This proved to be a trying time for him because he has a strong desire to  work  so  that  he  can  have  independence  and  the  ability  to  give  back  to  Impact  and  his  family. However,  Refugio  remained  patient  and  continued  to  work  on  the  Impact  campus  with  the  Resource Center’s  weekly  distribution  of  food,  and  in  doing  so  provided  a  good  example  of  loyalty,  hard  work, diligence, faith, and patience for our men in the program to follow. Refugio now works at Montalbano Lumber  Company  and  is  on  his  way  to  independence  and  lifelong  sobriety,  and  Terry  has  become  a true friend.

It  is  my  hope  and  prayer  that  everyone  who  reads  this  will  take  the  time  to  reflect,  refocus,  and  reprioritize  their  values  and  goals,  and  focus  on  the  most  important  things.  Make  and  keep  the  main things, the main things. Faith, family, and fellow-man, these are the hallmarks of what it means to truly be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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