Unwavering Through Uncertainty

2020 has been a year of tremendous uncertainty for us all. This uncertainty has caused us to suffer in various ways, the poor in particular. For us at Impact the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to adapt and to be flexible, patient, creative, and determined. We have in no way handled these challenges perfectly, but feel that God has used us to effectively serve more people in this time than ever before.

  • Our Resource Center has seen demand for food and supplies increase four-fold, and has been able to meet that need and continue feeding hungry families despite implementing additional safety protocols in order to keep our staff and volunteers safe.
  • Our Homeless Ministry has been unable to provide our customary hot meal, showers, and laundry, but has continued to serve daily to-go meals and has just restarted a weekly bible study.
  • The leadership of our youth program has persisted in serving our children despite the ongoing obstacles, even going to individual children’s houses to put on ‘sidewalk VBS.’

It is because of these and other efforts that we feel God has positioned us in 2021 to serve the suffering in Houston more than ever before. And we need your participation in our annual Double Our Impact Matching Funds Campaign to help us do that!

From now until the end of the year, every amount we give is matched dollar-for-dollar by a few generous individuals, and helps to fund Impact’s ministries in the coming year. All year-end gifts and monthly pledges for 2020 are eligible; to participate send a check with ‘matching funds’ in the memo line, call the Impact office, or GIVE NOW.

And may God use us all to shine the light of an Unchanging God in such an uncertain world!


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