Double Our Impact 2020

One of the amazing gifts God has given us at Impact is the ability to see the long-term work He has been doing in families that attend Impact.

About 20 years ago, 2 sisters attended Impact as children and teens – they came from an unstable home that was full of poverty, sin, and other hardships. God used the Impact ministers, interns, volunteers, and members to instill a love for God in these sisters and the rest of their family. While their life has not been without some misturns and hardship, they both now are married with 3 children of their own. Today, these 6 children are active members of our children’s and youth ministry. Just in the last month, here are some ways God has been working in their families:

  • The oldest boy is studying with our youth minister to be baptized.
  • The youngest girl is practicing and learning the books of the Bible at home.
  • All 6 children are involved in small groups with our ministers on a weekly basis.
  • Together as a family, they attended Impact’s Trunk or Treat Event.
  • The elementary-aged children learned the 7 days of creation and love to sing the song very loudly!

We tell you this story because we believe the work God is doing at Impact is transforming families. The longevity of the Impact Church in the lives of people on the margins matters. These 2 sisters knew Impact was a safe, Christ-based place where their children could deepen their love and knowledge of God. We do not take this responsibility lightly and we are honored to continue to serve generations of families.

In order to do that we need your help in our annual Double Our Impact Matching Funds Campaign!

From now until the end of the year, every amount we give is matched dollar-for-dollar by a few generous individuals and helps to fund Impact’s ministries in the coming year. All year-end gifts are eligible; to participate, send a check with “matching funds” in the memo line,  call the Impact office, or GIVE NOW.

Thank you for your consideration. And Merry Christmas!

Caroline Morales
Paul Woodward


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