Covid-19 Update

by Caroline Morales, Impact Children’s Minister

All Houston School District students have been learning virtually until this week. While this has probably been the safest option, especially for such a large district, it has created a lot of hardships for many of our Impact families. One of our families, which is led by a single working mom, has 6 children from 3rd-12th grade who were all learning virtually at the same time. They did not have enough computers or the internet capability for all the children to be online at the same time during the day. Children were also asked to figure out multiple different technological platforms and websites, making the process frustrating for even adults. This was especially an issue for those parents who do not speak English as their first language or are not familiar with technology. Countless other families have similar stories or other issues, making it very difficult for children to learn virtually.
Our youth team opened our Lindale campus doors for six weeks to facilitate and help enable 20 students from 5 different families to learn virtually. The children had access to computers, internet, support with technology, and lunch during the day. While this was only a small fraction of our families at Impact who could benefit from extra support, we are so thankful to have the resources to help these students right now. Please be in prayer for these students and all the other families who are navigating these difficult times!

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