Coming Alongside

by Marilyn Flores

Ms. Nayeli is a single mother of 2 beautiful daughters, and when we first met her she was very depressed and stressed out. She was employed, but due to becoming very ill she was unable to work and there was no income coming in to be able to provide for her 13 year old daughter. She submitted a request to return to work, but was in so much pain and walked so slowly that the request was denied.

She started coming with her mother to Impact’s Resource Center on Tuesdays to receive food and other items. She met brother Alejandro Arango at the morning devotionals, and he referred her to Arms of Hope. As we prayed for Ms. Nayeli she became emotional and began to cry. She was going through hardship and had no idea how she was going to get back on her feet. She was struggling financially, her health was not good and she was not getting any assistance from her child’s father. During our meeting with Ms. Nayeli all she was worried for was her daughter and it showed how beautiful her heart was.

We were able to help her keep her apartment and covered her rent for that month. With the partnership between AOH and Impact we were able to provide the family with multiple things they needed. Ms. Nayeli continued to come to the Resource Center and then started coming to Sunday service. And then on a Sunday at Impact Ms. Nayeli gave her life to Christ and we could not be happier!

Let us rejoice with our new sister in Christ and let us also continue to pray for her as she begins her new life.

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