Arms of Hope Update

by Marilyn Flores

Guadalupe Lopez came to Arms of Hope due to being a survivor of domestic violence. She is a single mother of 3 beautiful children. We first assisted her in August 2019 and after some money management resources she was quickly back on track with her expenses. At the time of our appointment she was badly bruised and was desperately searching for employment. She was hurting internally as well physically. Soon after our appointment she found employment but her bills were accumulating. It was a true blessing to be able to assist Ms.Guadalupe with her entire rent that month, and we continued to work with her on her budgeting skills. We were truly amazed with her growth and her enormous will to succeed.

Unfortunately Ms.Guadalupe lost her employment due to COVID-19. She was able to pay her rent and bills for about 3 months, but eventually ran out of her hard-earned savings. Ms.Guadalupe contacted us in hopes we could help, stating that she was sad and embarrassed to ask for assistance again but had called other organizations and all of them were out of funds. Ms.Olivia had been able to pay for her rent but was still in need of paying her utility bills. She explained that the company that she was employed with had closed and the owner was unsure if they would reopen. She was extremely stressed at the time and reached out to Arms of Hope because her children had school online and she was afraid that if her utilities were shut off they would not be able to complete their education. Like the amazing mother that she is, she had been trying to shield her children from noticing that she was struggling financially.

Ms.Olivia is a hard working woman and she has been actively seeking employment. Let us continue to pray for Ms.Olivia as she continues to care and provide for her 3 beautiful children, and may God continue to bless her with strength and His presence.Arms of Hope Update

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