A New Beginning

by Tim Sells

It has been seven months of silence. The Day Room where the outdoorsmen ministry is located, at the rear of the Impact main building, is silent. The usual laughter, prayers, bible studies, and nourishing meals have been silenced for the last seven months. While the last seven months of a global pandemic has been difficult for the nation and the world, those who are homeless have received a double portion of suffering. However, even in the midst of these trying times, God has used the Impact Houston Church of Christ outdoorsman ministry to continue to be a blessing to the homeless of Houston.

Though we have been unable to minister in the way that is usual for us, we have continued to feed our outdoorsman with carry out meals. God has also blessed us to partner with other Christian ministries and various nonprofits to provide food, shoes, clothes, and other essential items for our outdoorsmen. We have also been able to provide mobile showers on several occasions.

On Wednesday, September 9, we restarted the hot meal and bible study portion of the ministry on a limited basis. We were also blessed to provide backpacks, socks, toiletries, and men’s and women’s underwear through several of our sister churches.

We are presently in a ramp-up period for our various ministries, including the outdoorsman ministry. It is our goal and desire that we will be able once again and very soon to open the doors of the Day Room for our outdoorsmen ministry. We thank all of you for your continued support of Impact’s ministries, and I personally thank you for your support of the Impact outdoorsman ministry. Without your help and support none of what God has called us to would be possible. Continue to pray for this ministry as we continue our outreach to the men and women of Houston’s homeless population. We believe that God has called us to this ministry, and that God will continue to make the difference through us in the lives of many hurting men and women from the streets of our city.

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