Draw Near to God

by Ron Sellers

The Covid-19 pandemic has separated millions from their lives, families, friends, jobs, and savings. Our own decades-long ministry at Highland Park Nursing facility has had to be largely shut down. Grieving the loss of two sisters, Juanita Jones & Rochelle Grady, has been doubly tough.
Our outreach to Garden Oaks Adult Daycare stopped due to the center completely closing. As a result those precious folks have been isolated, complicating their varying degrees of mental illness even more.
In 25 years at Independence Hall we have walked with folks through so much, and now those loved ones have been devastated by this plague. By God’s grace, however, portions of the traditional ministry continues, like grocery deliveries, encouragement via phone and social media, and praying for each other. Some residents do not have the equipment or expertise to participate in online services, but some do. Most importantly, a Christian community of love is thriving despite the circumstances. Our group Bible studies will resume in time, and picking the residents up in crowded vans on Sundays will somehow be figured out. Sunday church assemblies will return, as will the weekly Sunday Fellowship meal and special events.
Recently I checked on one elderly sister who has been slowed by a stroke in speech and mobility but not in spirit. It was surprising and touching to find two of our Impact sisters in her small apartment sharing in a Bible study with their friend. We shared from the Psalms and prayed together with outstretched arms but non-touching hands. On leaving she placed a little brown bag in my hands. It contained a lovingly prepared lunch for me and her love offering envelope for Jesus. They also left me with tears on my cheek and much to cherish in my heart. In all times we must draw near to God and He will draw near to us!

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  1. Ron,
    Greetings and prayers from your Green Lawn family in Lubbock. Separated by miles but connected through the mercy and grace of our faithful Lord God. May His Spirit lift all of the Impact family.

    Love and Peace,


  2. I have 2 high school students that need something positive and humbling to do. Is there anything they can help with here?


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