A Thank-You Letter to Inpack

This  is  a  copy  of  a  hand-written  letter  we  received  from  one  of  our  homeless friends. We’ve left in misspellings in order to preserve the character  and  humility  of  the  message.  Please  be  in  prayer  for  the  homeless and indigent in this difficult time!

This  is  a  letter  to  the  worker’s  and  staff  at  Inpack;  I  just  want  to  say Thank you for helping the homeless and myself with shower’s, lunch, and tennis shoe’s to put on our feet.  At times like this is hard for us to live day by day because of the illness that’s going around us, and we have no were to go. In  my  distress  I  talk  to  the  Lord;  and  he  did  hear  my  voice  and  gave me Grace. Now with the power of the Holy Spirit that is with in me, I pray for peace, joy, and love follow Inpack for years to come and may all the years be happy ones. May my God be with Inpack and bless inpack with all there needs from this time forward.

Thank you your friends always,

Carlos S. Martinez

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