Today’s Bright Spot

by Jim Delony

“Then He said to his disciples, ‘the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers
are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers
into His harvest.”  
MATTHEW 9:37-38

As a young man I would often while at my bank see a 70-year-old woman depositing checks into her account. This lady was famous because, even at her age, she had the most beautiful hands ever seen, and was actually a “hands” model for advertisements of every kind.

Those were indeed hands of great beauty, but today I would call attention to
hands that must be considered even lovelier than those of the long fingered, unblemished hands of the model. The hands I refer to are hard-knuckled, broken-nailed, punctured, scraped, stained, and, yes, even bloodied. I refer to the servants who have chosen to show the power of God through their good works of physically serving the needs of others during our current crisis. I refer to the many hands that are committed to providing food from the Impact Resource Center to the hundreds who drive through the parking lots, to those that maintain Impact’s buildings and grounds, to the crooked fingers texting messages of hope to the lonely, to those giving biblical lessons to our children via video, and most importantly, to those young and aged hands held together offering prayers of thankfulness and prayers of trust in God on High.

So today as you go to Him in prayer don’t fold your beautiful hands, open them as a genuine gesture of availability, showing your willingness to serve others while giving God the glory.
And oh yes – don’t forget to wash them at least 20 seconds after each use…

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