Simple Service

by Jim Holston

Recently the Impact truck made a delivery and pickup at our house. Carl, Shane, and Kevin were the crew. Carl started to introduce me to the other two, but Shane said, “Oh, we know Jim. He’s our friend, teacher, and member of the family.” During the delivery Carl shared with me the wonderful changes that had taken place in his life since he came to Impact and he exhorted Shane and Kevin to be very careful not to scrape the doors or walls of the house (which I appreciated very much). They did a great job. I was blessed by being around them.
As they were leaving, one of my neighbors knocked over her trash can into the street as she backed out of her drive. She drove off, but Kevin went over, picked up the maggot-infested garbage, and put it back in the can. No one told him to do that and he didn’t draw attention to what he was doing, he just quietly served.
These three men are great examples of what the Lord Jesus is doing at Impact. God is at work here. Praise God!

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