Sunday Lunch Ministry

by Ron Sellers

Area churches have loved us through the Sunday Lunch Ministry for over 30 years. 25-30 congregations participate each year, and the majority have done this again and again for many years. It has been an opportunity to obey our Lord’s instructions in Luke 14 to share with those who need a meal and in doing so draw closer to neighbor, friends and brothers far and wide.

Following is a note which illustrates the beautiful spirit of those who love on us each Sunday:

“Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your team to serve in the fellowship meal. We do consider it a privilege to have the opportunity, and we confirm the date of March 8 on which we will gladly serve a nourishing meal to help glorify our great God. May everything God allows you to touch become an extension of His power and grace for His glory.”- Julius Clebourn Jr (elder), Trinity Gardens Church of Christ

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