50 Pairs!

By Tyler Lemmons

In our seventh year of Impact Mentoring we have met a long-held goal: 50 mentors! I know that numbers are not often a reflection of the quality of something, but in this case they tell us something – that each week 50 kids are spending quality time building a Godly relationship with a loving adult.

50 pairs also means that our building is feeling a little cramped, our van routes are fuller, and we need more help to make it run smoothly.  I am reminded again of how thankful I am that my job allows me the inside look into each of these 50 relationships.  Some are just starting out while others are on their seventh year together, but each is unique and each leaves me feeling hopeful and encouraged.  While most of these kids (and maybe adults, too) have hard things they deal with each day, this is a powerful moment in their week where good reigns.  I celebrate our 50 pairs because it means 50 kids and 50 adults can on a weekly basis enter a space of love and leave better because of it.

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