A Simple Story for Christmas

by Marilyn Flores

I recently had the honor of meeting Ms. Estrella, who is a hard-working single mother of three. Estrella works two jobs and has always been able keep up with expenses until recently, when she separated from her husband due to his alcoholism and his not being responsible.

She came in requesting assistance in paying her electricity and gas bill, which were about to be cut off. Ms. Estrella stated that she paid her rent in full and was left with no money for her utility bills, and that she had spent her income tax paying off her son’s tuition, daughters dance classes and helping her other son as well. Ms.Estrella explained that her daughter is a great student with excellent grades and she deserved to continue to take dancing classes even though they’re very expensive. She also shared with us that she has been actively searching for work because she works at a school and during the summer her income is reduced.

AOH offered her assistance with the bills she needed paid and with her resume. We informed her that the computer in the lobby was available for her to use, and she was able to receive food from Impact’s Resource Center.

She was also referred to one of the Spanish ministers here at Impact and they had a long conversation. She did have several prayer requests and was very happy to have been able to receive a brief bible study. She appeared to be very encouraged and stated that she plans to come to church soon. Ms. Estrella mentioned that that being a single mom will be hard but she knows that knows that the relationship she was in was not healthy and was only bringing her down and that God is with her every step of the way.

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