Where Your Money Goes

From now until the end of the year every dollar you give is doubled and helps fund our ministries in 2020!  Each of these ministries have financial needs in order to operate, whether it be in terms of staffing, facilities, utilities, transportation, etc.  You can feel confident that these needs will be met efficiently, however; in 2018 an external audit showed that Impact spent 94% of the money it received on providing service to people in need, as opposed to the national average of 56%!  Thank you for your ongoing support, we couldn’t do these things without you! 

Homeless Day Services

Impact offers a hot meal as well as shower and laundry facilities and a bible lesson four days a week for Houston’s homeless men and women

Life House 

Impact has a six-month men’s residential drug and alcohol recovery program called the Life House, and also provides support with employment and transitional housing for those who graduate 

Resource Center 

Impact’s Resource Center has grown into one of the Houston Food Bank’s larger agencies in recent years, offering food and clothing for over 1000 families a month as well as educational opportunities and connection with health agencies. 

Youth and Children’s Ministry 

Impact serves over 500 of Houston’s at-risk youth and children, featuring a large summer program with a six-week VBS, literacy program, field trips, camps, and much more.  During the school year there are weekly bible classes and activities, educational support, and one-on-one mentoring, and Impact now also serves children in the Lindale area though the nearby Roosevelt Elementary. 

Seniors and Disabled Ministry 

Impact has points of outreach at five different assisted living centers, representing 100-150 people, many of whom are then picked up for Sunday worship services. 

Arms of Hope 

Impact’s partnership with Arms of Hope provides two social workers for families in Houston who need it most, and has served almost 600 families in its four years at Impact.  This year alone 27 families were saved from being evicted from their homes. 

Other Ministries 

Impact also has a college-age ministry and scholarship fund for those young people who are reached through its youth ministry, a prison ministry that has two different weekly meetings for those who have been released, and a 10,000 sq ft warehouse that stores donated items to be sold to families at low cost at quarterly garage sales 


Most of all, your support for Impact goes to provide what the hurting in Houston need most – a church community!  Impact is a vibrant and fully bilingual church, with worship services that meet in English and Spanish and various bible studies and small groups throughout the week.  Each one of these ministry efforts come as an expression of the love of God, and each person who is met is invited into a relationship with Him and His church. 

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