A Humbling Gift

by Paul Woodward

I recently witnessed a beautiful modern day illustration of the widows offering in Mark 12. It was a Tuesday morning at the Impact Resource Center, when hundreds of hungry families are receiving a warm welcome, being treated with dignity, participating in a bible study, and being given groceries. A Resource Center recipient humbly, quietly, and meekly gave a generous gift of cash, saying that it was for the Double our Impact Campaign. We know she needs the money to live on, and yet she gave beyond her means. Her goal was simple – to honor God by helping hungry families, help that her family so desperately needed just a few weeks before.
It was a stark reminder of our wonderful, loving and generous Savior, who used a poor, unremarkable, humble woman centuries ago and then again last week to demonstrate how to give sacrificially.
I am so grateful that God uses people like you and this woman, to paint a beautiful picture of His people working together to uplift hurting people. I believe God’s plan is revealed and unleashed by acts of sacrificial kindness.
If the Spirit is leading you, this is a great time to give because your gift will be matched dollar for dollar in the Double our Impact Campaign.  All year-end gifts and pledges for 2020 are eligible, go to our donate page or send a check with ‘matching funds’ in the memo line.

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