The Gospel is for All

by Tim Huffman

In the late 1800’s John M. McCaleb wrote a very inspirational hymn called The Gospel is for All. The words of this beautiful hymn took on greater meaning for me as a result of a new small group that recently began at the Garden Oaks Activity Center.

The Garden Oaks Activity Center is family run and specifically caters to those who have some sort of physical challenges, with many dealing with mental and emotional challenges as well. The family and staff are outstanding people who genuinely care about their clients. One of Impact’s members, Maria Arrendondo, attends this activity center on a weekly basis and asked the owner if it would be possible to have a group Bible study. Shortly after we started the study, Maria’s sister, Romelia, was baptized at Impact. Maria and Romelia have done an excellent job inviting others to come and now there are between 15-20 individuals who attend the Bible study each week.

Though the study is led at a very elementary level, the people are eager to discuss and learn about God’s love. It is amazing what insights are offered by those who have a childlike heart. Recently we studied about the little children who were trying to meet Jesus but the disciples refused them. (Matthew 19:13) We discussed how Jesus was always reaching out and loving those who were often overlooked in society. It was very powerful to hear them discuss and mention groups that are often outcast such as the elderly, the physically, mentally and emotionally challenged and those who are poor. As we were discussing this topic, it dawned on me that they were sharing in such a way that though many of them find themselves in a neglected group, they were thinking of others and their needs ahead of their own.

The time I have spent with them has had a profound effect on me and has truly shown me that the heart of Jesus was seen in reaching out to those who society often disregards. We ask for your prayers that we can share God’s love in a way to bring encouragement and healing to those who are in need. Our Lord called us to go and make disciples, and as we go our way, no matter who we meet, let us remember that the Gospel is for all.

Need some inspiration? Feel free to join as we meet each Tuesday at 11 am.

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