A Mother’s Love

by Marilyn Flores

Arms of Hope recently had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Trina, who is the mother of a beautiful 2-year-old girl and a handsome newborn baby boy. Ms. Trina stated that since the day she became a mother she has never stopped working because she knows that they depend on her and she must provide. At the age of 2 her mother gave her away and her father was never in the picture because he was and still is an alcoholic and drug addict.

Ms. Trina came to us seeking help with rent, saying that this was the first time she had been behind on her rent and was hoping for it to be the last time. Ms. Trina works as a care provider but when she was 8 months pregnant she started having pains and they told her that she was not fired, but that she would not be able to work any longer during her pregnancy. Unfortunately she ended up having her baby prematurely. She does not know what caused her to go into labor early, but says that she was afraid to lose her baby.

She thanks God for calling 211 and somehow getting Arms of Hope’s number, saying that she called so many numbers and they were all either out of funds or simply would not answer. Ms. Trina says that her greatest fear was not knowing if her children would have a roof over their head, because when the time came to be discharged   from   the   hospital   after   the   baby’s   birth   she   still hadn’t   come   up   with   the money for rent. Ms. Trina was so desperate she was even thinking of donating blood, although the hospital told her she was unable to donate blood because she had just given birth.

A mother’s love is endless and unselfish and Ms. Trina is such an amazing mother. We   were   so   thankful   to have   been   able   to   assist her, and let’s all continue to pray for her!

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