Did You Know? – The Brooks Scholarship Fund

In 2007 Impact launched the Brooks Scholarship Fund, which provides financial assistance to students unable to afford the expenses of a college education on their own. Funded primarily through the continuing generosity of two donors, this program is an important investment in the lives of the recipients and their families. Most of these students are the first in their extended family to finish high school, much less college. The scholarship program gives the current 20 students reassurance that their Impact family is behind them every step of the way.

And did you know that…

The Brooks Scholarship Fund’s graduates now include 6 teachers, one of whom has learned Mandarin and teaches in China, a nurse, an engineer, a constable, a school vice-principal, a school counselor, 2 social workers, a librarian, a physical therapist, a marketing manager, a youth minister, a worker in finance, and the manager of a non-profit.

Praise God!

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