Skills For Life

by Caroline Morales

This summer the Impact college and high school interns took part in a class called “Summer Skills.” Michael Hogan, who is a mentor in our children’s mentoring program and in the real estate business, set up a series of classes to learn more about real-life, interpersonal skills and practical knowledge.  The topics arrayed from financial basics, budgeting, real estate to identifying passions. Each guest speaker, professionals from different industries in Houston, discussed a different topic.

One of the most memorable lessons was learning about real estate – the class was broken into 2 groups and had to create a proposal for a commercial real estate property. They chose the type, location, and future and then faced off as an “investor” chose which idea to invest in. I loved seeing the students have fun learning about things they are not normally exposed to at school or at church. The program ended with us all taking a cooking class, with the students cooking different food and in a different way than they had before.

These students, the majority who grew up at Impact, are all amazing people who love God and love his people. I am so thankful that Michael and the other presenters gave them to the opportunity to expand their horizons and be exposed to new and different topics. Our hope and prayer is that they can use some of this new found knowledge to open doors and opportunities, but always remember to honor and glorify God in all they do

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