Meeting Needs

by Marilyn Flores

Since October of last year our Arms of Hope social worker Marilyn Flores has begun offering her services concurrent with the weekly bible study that Impact has held there for over thirty years. Independence Hall is an apartment complex that serves low-income seniors and the disabled, and was extremely excited to have AOH provide free services to their tenants. Marilyn was offered an office next to the manager there, and over the past months Marilyn has been able to assist tenants with things such as applying for food stamps and MetroLift, requesting award letters from Social Security, referring clients to RSVP Texas to fix their wheelchairs for free, reading documents for clients who are unable to, and offering other community resources.

Meeting each and every client has been such a blessing, many of them having been forgotten by their family members and feeling very lonely. We have learned that sometimes all they need is someone to listen and tell them that they are not alone. After we are done with the assessment of each client we ask if they have any prayer request, and so far every client has agreed to pray, some even asking if they may lead the prayer.

We are excited to see what amazing things God has planned for the partnership at Independence Hall, and ask for your prayer that God will continue to use us!

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